EV-III Professional Events is Ottawa's best party and event planning service. We plan all sorts of parties and events in the region. Ranging from annual conferences to baby showers, EV-III Professional Events caters to all types of milestones and all types of events.


We are driven to celebrate your unique event needs. By focusing on original event creations,  a stress-free environment, and professional planning ethics, we ensure every client need is met and every function is successful. No matter if you require consultation services or if you prefer a full event management approach, we are prepared to expertly guide you through the event planning process.


Here at EV-III Professional Events, we are a fun and dependable team. We always strive to go beyond your expectations. Together, let’s plan an event that's original, memorable, and, most importantly, enjoyable!


Allow us to welcome you to EV-III Professional Events. 

"Thank you for all your help! You're wonderful!"

- Brenda -


Daniela Fried, Event Planner

My name is Daniela, and I am the Owner, and Lead Planner for EV-III Professional Events. A proud Ottawa native, I am passionate about designing and coordinating expertly planned corporate events. The events I manage are highlighted by superior logistical planning and a focus on guiding you through the event planning process.


Prior to launching EV-III Professional Events, I built my experience as a professional in project management and experiential marketing. Through my roles, I’ve executed warehouse openings and VIP parties for large global corporations. I’ve worked on product promotions, including creating in-store materials, and increasing customer awareness using print and digital marketing tools. I’ve also coordinated the launch of national brands in  Canada.


I am drawn to event planning because it encourages the cultivation of new relationships, the exploration of new skill sets, and the reinvigorating sense of discovery within the community.  I am driven to create events that help our community grow while simultaneously creating memories.


Whether I act as a consultant, offer onsite management, or completely plan your next event, I strive to go beyond your expectations and deliver an awe-inspiring event. Together with you, I am ready to create the impossible.


Welcome to EV-III Professional Events. 

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