The top 5 myths about Event Planning

Below are the top 5 misconceptions about Event Planners. Read through it to understand what type of services they offer and how you can save by hiring an Event Planner.

Myth #1: Anyone can do the job of an Event Planner

Truth: It's definitely possible for everyone to plan a party, however, not everyone wants to or has the skills to do it. The job requires a high degree of communication, organization and creativity. It also requires the management of people and accounting skills. Plus, doing it yourself (or relying on a friend or sister) might eventually stress you out to the point of wanting to cancel the entire thing. An Event Planner can take over those stressful responsibilities and ensure the event runs smoothly. They’ll also take over the ugly tasks that you normally don’t want to deal with, such as post-event clean up or dealing with an unruly guest.

Myths about event planning

Myth #2: Hiring an Event Planner is too expensive

Truth: Budget is always a top priority when planning an event. However, just like many other services, hiring an expert in the industry can usually save you money in the long run. Event Planners can use their connections and negotiations to get cost-savings across the board. Savings can be applied to major details, such as with services (think photographers or caterers) or materials (think guest favors or furniture rentals). Monetary savings can also be applied to micro details, such as improving event logistics and reducing spend on unnecessary items.

Myth #3: Event Planners are a waste of time

Truth: Hiring event planner can help you take back time, reduce overall stress levels, and reduce the amount spent. Event Planners can give you back time by handling all major logistical responsibilities. This gives you the time to plan the finer details such as decor and food. Event Planners can reduce overall stress by handling the complex issues and giving you the freedom to focus on the aspects that you enjoy. Event planners can reduce your overall budget by negotiating on your behalf and applying savvy logistical knowledge to your event.

Top 5 myths about event planners

Myth #4: Event Planners won’t put you first

Truth: Event Planners are there to work with you. They want to understand your vision, priorities and special requests and apply all of it towards the event. Their goal is to make your vision come to life, not theirs. A good Event Planner will also give you all the credit. That said, sometimes clients have a great idea but aren’t sure how to make it real. Event Planners have the knowledge and expertise to turn a half-formed idea into something concrete and actionable. Event Planners can transform an idea into a reality.

Myth #5: Event Planners only take big jobs

Truth: Event Planners became planners to organize events and parties. There is no party that is too small to organize. Event Planners understand that there are challenges for both big and small parties and are willing to work with you to make your party a success.

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